Angela Wiley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Applied Family Studies and Extension Specialist in Family Life. Research Content Editor, Producer, and Author.

Other Team members

Robert Reber, Ph.D., Illinois, Illinois Nutrition Specialist. Author.

Kathryn Branscomb, M.A., graduate student in Human and Community Development at the University of Illinois. Author.

Illinois Family Life Educators

Rachel Schwarzendruber, M. Ed. Author.
Debbie McClellan, M.S. Author.
Patti Faughn, M. Ed. Author.
Sherry Rocha, M. Ed. Author.
Giesela Grumbach, MSW, LCSW. Author.
Amy Griswold, M.A. Author.

Additional contributors

Cammy Seguin, M.A. Author.
Kay Mayberry, M.A. Author.

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Debra J. Eisenmann


Hannah Eisenmann


Monty Mittleman

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